At Han's White Tiger Tae Kwon Do, we love that our classes are full of friends and family who aspire to practice, train, and achieve their goals together. Not only do we encourage our students to make new friends with our White Tiger family, but we invite their friends and family to join in the fun as well!

Our Buddy Bashes are great ways for friends and family of students to try out Tae Kwon Do for themselves with a specially geared mini-class. Students will learn about the importance of focus and respect while learning how to kick and punch as well! Participants in our Buddy Bash will even get the opportunity

to break a board!

Our Buddy Bashes not only give children an opportunity to test out their skills in Tae Kwon Do, they will also get to watch our Masters and Instructors perform in a Tae Kwon Do demonstration for their entertainment and viewing pleasure! It's a great way to see the application of

Tae Kwon Do in board breaking, self-defense, and as a visually beautiful art. After our

mini-class and Tae Kwon Do Demonstration, all of our students and their buddies will be

invited to join us for a refueling meal and refreshments as we wrap up the festivities!

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